This page offers the stories of cancer fighters!

We hope these stories will inspire and encourage those that are fighting, and make a difference on your outlook on life. We hope these stories will lift others higher in their journey.
We hope that even one story can bring perspective and optimism to a situation.

If we support each other as a community, we can provide motivation to someone that may need it.

I had few health problems until 3 years ago, I found out on my birthday I had multiple myeloma. I did not even hear what the doctor was saying. Total shocked consumed me. Right shoulder pain for months lead me to physical therapy and the doctors office. 
After outpatient chemotherapy, a ruptured bowel and colostomy/partial hysterectomy/appendectomy surgery, I had a stem cell transplant. I had some complications afterwards (henia surgery, pneumonia, chicken pox, and a fractured right humerus from a fall secondary to complications of medication) 

But, God has blessed me, and I am still here and fighting everyday. Knowing I have cancer is hard, but not smiling and enjoying life is harder. Enjoying time with my family is friends is really important. Every laugh, every hug, and every smile is important to me. I have been in remission now two years, and look forward to many more.
Lena Bena