Welcome Pamperfest Vendors!


Welcome Pamperfest Vendors,


You are participating in a highly marketed charity event that will benefit the Susan G Komen Race for the Cure. This is the 9th year for this event, and we are receiving great response for this year's event. 


If you have not turned in an application, We need the following information for you at this time.

·      Number of guest staying in your suite

·      A one sentence clue that describes your company best. This clue will be used in the scavenger hunt. Be creative!

·      A list of activities going on in your room, and/or the special offer for Pamperfest guest wearing a bracelet. This will be listed in the program.

There are still opportunities to purchase an ad in the program for additional exposure. Please send your request to MillerPromotions@comcast.net


For vendors that have not paid their final balance: Your invoice for the balance of your room will be sent in an email, following this email. You payment is due at this time! The room will be reserved in the name of the person who applied for Pamperfest, not the vendor sharing the room. We will reserve the accommodation that you requested on your application.


You can help the success of this event by doing the following:


1.            Forward the Eblast sent to you, to your database. This is a good event to present new products or services to your existing customers. This will be sent to you following this email.

2.            Join our Facebook page, and encourage others to join https://www.facebook.com/events/105710943169152/



The event will be on the 3rd floor. All guests on the 3rd floor should be attending Pamperfest.

There will be 4 types of customers coming through the event.


                Overnight guests (wearing wrist bands)

                registered walk through guests

                unregistered walk through guests

                hotel guest


Vendors cannot solicit hotel guests!!! Any vendor caught soliciting hotel guests on other floors or in common areas of the hotel, will be automatically asked to leave the hotel with no refund. No exceptions. No circumstances will be accepted. You are welcome to tell them about Pamperfest on the 3rd floor, but you cannot actively sell to hotel guest except on the 3rd floor. If you are confused about this rule, please contact me immediately.


Each guest will be coming around for the scavenger hunt. They must have their card signed by each vendor for it to be a valid entry in the drawing for the grand prize. This years grand prize is a trip for two for Vegas. All 4 types of customers will be participating in the scavenger hunt.



Overnight guest will be wearing a wristband, and will receive "special perks". All overnight guest are entitled to the following perks:


                Discount on products and services offered by the vendors, at the event. This is optional by the vendors.

                Complimentary wine that is set up in each vendor room. This wine is provided by Pamperfest and is limited to those wearing the bracelet.

                Pamperfest goodie bags


All vendors will be able to participate in the goodie bags. Please bring 40 items for the goodie bags. You can drop them off at the event planners suite, room #301  Volunteers will be putting bags together, so please drop off your goodie bag items when you arrive.


When donating to the goodie bags, please consider a small item that can be stapled to your business card or company information. This item should be a small gift like: sample, promotional item, and any other item they can use. (example: The Jeweled Diva will be donating a Pandora like bead to stapled to their party information.)


Check in is 3 pm and no earlier. Any vendor that tries to get access to their room earlier is subject to an extra day room rental. There are limited hotel luggage racks. Please come prepared with a dolly. If you do not come with a dolly, then you may have a long wait for a luggage rack.


To eliminate congestion at the front desk, we recommend that the person who has secured the room, be the one to check in at the front desk. If everyone staying in the suite, stands at the front desk, it will only cause confusion and congestion for other hotel guests. Guests for your room can wait in the living room of the hotel, wait for you on the 3rd floor, or meet you later at your suite.


You will set up your pamper area in the living room of your suite. You may move the furniture around, or move it into the bedroom. Please do not ask the hotel to move furniture out of your hotel room. You will be responsible for moving the furniture back to the areas you originally found them. Please bring your own tables.  3 tables fit nicely. 4 may be crowded. 


The hotel can provide tables at $15 each. You will need to pay for the tables before they are delivered to your room. You will need to indicate this need ASAP to Susan Miller.


Each suite comes with a refrigerator and microwave. You are more than welcome to bring your snacks, or order room service. The restaurant or room service is available till 11 pm. You will be responsible for paying for your own food and drink ordered to your room.


No vendor will be allowed to set up items, tables, or products in the hallway. For fire code reasons, this will be strictly enforced!


Vendors will be allowed to hang a sign on their window or door. When you hang up your sign, it cannot cause damage to doors or walls. The hotel reserves the right to hold any vendor responsible for damages made inside and outside the suite.


Your suite has been secured in the Pamperfest block. Pamperfest is not responsible for any other charges other than the room rate. If the following services are used, then the vendor will be charged.  The charges will be applied to your credit card that you will need to check in.


                Table rentals at $15 each

                Room service (food, drink, etc.)

                Bottle water in the suites (you drink it, then you bought it)

                Long distance phone service

                Movies ordered

                Early check in

                Late check out

If you do not use the services, then you will not be charged!


The event starts at 5 pm. You should have your hotel door open by this time. We encourage you to have your appt. sign in sheet outside of your suite. There will be a meet and greet in the atria area on the 1st floor. Complimentary cocktails and snacks will be served from 5:30 – 7:30 pm. Feel free to say hello to those wearing an event bracelet.  Do Not Approach Hotel Guests!!!


Customers will begin working their way up from the reception area after 6 pm. Customers that do not drink may be at your suite sooner. If you are the only one in your suite, please leave a note on when you are returning, if you are at the meet and greet.


On Friday, the event ends at midnight. You are more than welcome to schedule appointments after midnight. Do not leave your door open after midnight. You can leave it partially open if you are expecting appointments. 


On Saturday, the event begin at 8 am. You are more than welcome to open earlier.  Complimentary cook to order breakfast is served at 7 am and will be located in the Atria area. The event ends at 11 am on Sat. Check out is at 12pm.


The following link will provide you with a preview of your suite, your hotel, and amenities:



Here are the ways that we are raising money for our fundraising efforts:


                $25 on every suite goes towards our efforts

                we will be encouraging all walk through guests to make a contribution.

                we will be doing a 50/50 every 2 hours.

                we will have a "pink ribbon" merchandise table at the welcome table by the elevators.


We do not ask for a percentage of sales from any of our vendors. We will appreciate an contribution made from vendors. We also welcome any merchandise that can be donated to the "Pink Ribbon" merchandise table. These items must be pink ribbon related.


There will be a welcome table at the elevator. Someone will be greeting everyone that comes to the 3rd floor. This person will also answer event questions, and provide everyone with a program and a scavenger hunt card. Entries for the scavenger hunt will be located at this table. The "Pink Ribbon" merchandise table will be located next to the welcome table.


We are currently receiving calls from vendors for next year's event. Vendors that participate this year will have the opportunity to secure the space for their category 1st. We will provide vendor opportunities for the 2017 event, after May 9. If you are interested in participating, please talk to the event planner to verify if your category is still available for next year's event


Please feel free to forward any questions you may have at this time.



Thank you for your participation, and helping to make this a successful event!

Susan Miller - Owner and Promoter

Miller Promotions
O: 412 415 3584
F: 412 415 1315
E: MillerPromotions@comcast.net

Follow us: http://www.facebook.com/MillerPromotions